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We are a company that has been active in the State of New York

since 2004.

It has been a family business for generations and it has its roots in Tocumbo Michoacán
Mexico, place where they reinvented the natural fruit paleta in the 1940s. It is

therefore, in Tocumbo Michoacán where the history of the Paleterias (fruit pop
shops) known as "La Michoacana" began. Soon las Paleterías "La Michoacana"
acquired a good reputation for its products and its owners began to expand
throughout the Mexican nation.

Our products descend directly from the founders of "La Michoacana", as it was
our father Mr. Florencio Fernández Samaniego, who as an apprentice to the
founders of this small empire, taught us the original recipe. On the other hand our
mother, Guillermina Barragán, learned the recipe as a very young girl from her
father. When she married our father, Florencio Fernández Samaniego, it was given
to us as an inheritance.

Since in Mexico paleterias bear the same name, or very similar names for lack of
product patentization, we opt for our customers nosan NOT by name but for our
quality. This is how Paleteria Fernández was born in Port Chester, NY.

With the hard and constant work and effort of its owners, Florencio Fernández &
Ignacio Fernández, have gradually been building this small company. In 2008
Paleteria Fernández was incorporated in the state of New York. To date we have
several recognitions as the best place for ice cream, among them some renowned
that includes "Westchester Magazine" & "The New York Times"

End of August 2010, the second branch opened in Mamaroneck, NY, Thus
becoming the parent branch. It is from this branch from where our products are
distributed to the various establishments where its product is sold.

To date we have won several awards, such as best ice cream place, some of which include Westchester Magazine.

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